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I wanted to buy a pair of flats and price tag on the box showed 21.99$. At check out, cashier told me it was 32.99$, told her the box says 21.99$, showed her the empty box I got it from, she treated me if I was lying and didn't believe me, found another pair of same shoes with different color and on the box it was written 27.99$?!?!

She didn't even apologize, no empathy and wanted to charge me for 32.99 and when I said this is unacceptable, she was like oh, ok, it's going to be 27.99 then. Those shoes were the most comfortable I found that day, I was tired, didn't want to argue and paid that amount. It's not about the few $ difference but her attitude and customer service skills. Mistakes happen, it's understandable but that's not how you treat your customer when the mistake is clearly yours, instead of even apologizing, still trying to overcharge them, try to get whatever you can.

Not acceptable. This happened in the Payless Shoes, 5th Ave Mall, Anchorage, AK.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $6. aysesutcu is overall dissatisfied with Payless Shoesource. The most disappointing about payless shoesource cashier at Payless Shoesource was staff and service Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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She did sound rude. As a worker of Payless this happens quite often.

We have to re-price every shoe weekly. The tags fall off so easy and customer think they are being sweet by trying to put it back; but most of the time on the wrong box (I have witnessed this though not as frequent as the next 2) or we missed shoes when re-pricing the few thousand shoes we have in the store that we must complete in a day or customers will take a tag with a cheaper price and place it on the box and try to get it for the lower price; When its a few $ difference I personally adjust the price and I would love to give discounts to everyone but each time we change a price (especially more the $5 the company knows and we can get in trouble). People try to change the price quite frequently (witness this on a daily basis) so a lot of the time we are at our wits end and most likely you were the 10th customer that day with the same issue.

But I am sorry for your experience. -Sincerely Real Payless Worker trying to get through life.

to charitybear2016 #1161931

I know, those kind of mistakes happen often and that was not the biggest deal but her attitude. I understand that people do that in purpose, too just to get some free stuff but believe me 5-10$ doesn't make much of a difference.

I work in a hotel and we have this kind of things going on very often, people leaving hair on towels on purpose to blame it on us and many more you can think of. Oh and she did look unhappy, was not really enjoying what she was doing, that's sad.

Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it. I hope you get a better work place sometime in future.


I am sure you were just as rude.

to Anonymous #1161928

Well, your comment doesn't really make sense. She tried to over charge me for a price tag mistake which has nothing to do with me.

I chose those shoes because of being affordable. I still didn't argue or anything, didn't make a mess and just wanted to pay the 27.99$ which was on the box of the same shoe but different color and it was fine. I work as Front Desk Agent and believe I know how it feels to be treated like *** by hotel guests over few $.

You can still have a nice attitude when you try to protect your rights.

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