I went into the store at Northgate Mall and the sales rep person was on phone and did not even acknowledge me as I came through the door.I went to the women section looking for shoes that I had seen on line. After about 10 minutes of looking,and no assistance,I found them bu in 2 sizes too large.I could hear her still on the phone laughing. So I returned to the section of my size hoping that I might have overlooked them. T'ed off I left the store.I was hoping to purchase at least 3 pairs for work. As I was leaving the sales rep did say "Have a good day" I just hope my next stop will be more productive. NO MORE PAYLESS FOR ME

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You could always order them online in your size. Payless will ship them to one of their stores free of shipping and handling.

It is strange that the sales person was on the phone all that time. I don't suppose you could've said, "excuse me, I need some help" to her? Being as how they had them in the store, they must be getting them in, however, it sounds like they were out of your size. If that's the case, the sales person can always look to see if one of their other stores has the shoes in your size.

Give them another try if the sales person doesn't approach you (which they ARE supposed to do), try approaching them.

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Sounds to me like the associate was on a personal call, which is a DO NOT DO it doesn't matter where you work, therefor she should have told whoever was on the other end " I have a customer. I will call you back on my break or after I get off work.


Greeted the customer, apologized and then given the customer the best customer service that person has ever received. When a person agrees to do a certain job in exchange for some form of pay, that is exactly what any self respecting person would do.

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I agree the sales person could have been more attentive, however, stores don't always have everything that their web site has.

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