My experience in that Payless shoes store was really unbelievable .i never see such as rudest employee like that girl . She screams almost for every customer in the store!i don't know who hired her but really needed to exam her before hiring !she doesn't care about the packed line she doesn't deal with one customer at the time ,like for example for just one shoes I wanted to return and buy another kind of shoes I had to wait for 18minutes how is possible !?phone rang and she start chatting in the phone and ran to the back I don't have no idea why?and come back with bunch of Payless bags she said she went to the back go get the bag !also I wanted get my money back by cash because I paid with the debit card i knew most stores gives you money back when you paid by debit card ,she said doesn't matter if she returns on my card I'm gonna get after 2-3days but isn't customer always right'!

I'm really upset !she screaming saying me misss listen I know what I'm doing ok ?also I paid $26.99 before she wanna give me $20 she changed the price I ask my original receipt because it has the lots of shoes on it she said she won't give me because she need it !she got me really mad so I ask her name she said she will never gives me her name!but I'm not that kind.

Of dum I had her employee number on the receipt ! So I want this later will be handed in to Payless corporate and corporate of her manager need to take Care of that rudest employee and maybe fired her !

Product or Service Mentioned: Payless Shoesource Manager.

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Wow! Where to begin....

1. If there is a "packed line" of people, she can only ring out one person at a time. You have to wait your turn just like everybody else. Payless is notorious for understaffing their stores. If you don't like waiting in line (and if the line is packed, then you might have to wait 18 minutes depending upon the length of the transactions in front of you), then go during a low volume time of day.

2. If the phone rings, she is required to answer it. :x I'm not sure what you expected her to do. It sounds like she answered the phone and replied to the customer on the phone.

3. If the line is "packed" and she is trying to handle all of these customers on her own, then YES, she is going to run out of bags. Extra bags are in the back room, so she DOES have to go back there to get them.

4. If you used your debit card as a credit card, then she is REQUIRED to put the money back on the card. This is common practice amongst ALL stores.

5. Not sure why she wouldn't refund you $26.99 if that is what you paid. However, the price would be lower if they were the half off item of a BOGO or if you had used a coupon on your original purchase.

6. On this point, you are correct. She could've given you back your original receipt. On the other hand, she could have rung it up, so that all of the shoes you had purchased were on your new receipt, so you wouldn't need the original anyway.

to anonymous #644289
Listen she isn't talking on the work phone she was talking on her cellphone customers never calls the associates phone ! Second able I paid with my debit card and I used as a debit she wanted to not give me money back and that's all!

Also next to the register she were talking to some kind of Asian Indian language I think with the boy ,she doesn't even focus on customer . :sigh awhh how rude she was you can not imagine.you should go that store one day you will be surved really bad and rude .tgr address of the store is 1406 kings highway Brooklyn my 11223

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