Payless shoe policy is just return the shoes anytime and they will take them back. it doesn't matter how much wear they have or how old they are, just bring them in for exchange or refund.

I did, it really works. They are trying to get their old customers back and they think this is the way to do it.

I bought some dress shoes there that i wore multiple times, then when the styles changed i brought them back for a newer pair. They happily gave me the new shoes and all i paid was the $10 diffrence.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #1207029

I read many of these comments. Returning "worn" shoes just cuz is wrong.

However these companies sell 40 dollar shoes that cost them .50 cents from China and are of the lowest quality imaginable. Insanely soft foam, cheap glue, multi-piece soles to insure they unglue into pieces. Junk junk junk. And its not just shoes.

EVERYTHING is chinese ***. At first some China stuff was ok. Its become beyond fraud at this point.

Shoes, Auto parts, Home fixtures, ETC it either doesn't work out of the box or disintegrates insanely premature. We need to get mad and stop buying this stuff and tell MANAGEMENT enough is ENOUGH !!!


I just bought some boots and wore them outside, walked around, and they are little bit to big for me. Can i still exchange them?


You're abusing the system just to get new shoes. It's people like you that force companies to go out of business.

The return policy is supposed to be for honest customers who bought shoes and the stitching is coming apart or something is actually wrong with the shoes. Payless is starting to catch on that people are taking advantage of the policy and are keeping track of people like you.

to Anonymous #1626469

What the? Companies shouldn’t have stupid policies like this that would make them go broke in the first place?

How is that even remotely considered taking advantage of anything?! It’s THEIR policy!!

Lay off this person Anonymous! Good Lord

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1008663

I just called payless in the Reisterstown Road Plaza here in Baltimore, Maryland and spoke with Ms. Larren after reading this article and was told that Payless only take back unworn shoes that were purchased in less than a month and have a defect.


My dog chewed up my shoes after having them for 2 days!?!? Can I return them? Without a recept


Okay, I work retail too so I understand to a certain extent these workers frustration because I absolutely hate when I have to do a return even though I can clearly see that our product has been worn but I still do it with a smile on my face because it's our company policy to do so. They should already have this sort of loss included in their financials.

It is also proven that people shop more at a certain place when they have the security of being able to return it. Most people don't return it. I usually don't ever return things unless I absolutely have to. With that being said, you are an employee and a very minuscule part of a company so stfu and do what they tell you to do and do it with a *** smile.

If you don't like it then find another job. Easy as that!(:

Timmins, Ontario, Canada #785027

To the payless employee constantly posting it is due to disrespectful workers like you that payless has such a program to bring customers back. If your boss ever saw this you'd be fired in a heart beat and it wouldnt be your problem. Have a nice day.

to Anonymous #785137

I always love seeing what the unemployed have to say. ROFLOL!!!

Port Charlotte, Florida, United States #747609

LMAO It's a policy that Payless does so shut the *** up and follow it. Easy as that. Also, it's not like you're working retail and your sales are based on your pay, it's a *** shoe store not Bed and Appliance shop.

to *** Whiney Payless Employees #747871
Shows what YOU know! *** returns like that DO count against us!

Payless is all about numbers. Sales, the number of items sold, the dollar transaction per sale, etc. Every return RUINS our numbers! And especially if you want to STEAL from the company by returning your crummy worn out shoes and just want to take advantage of the company.

And stealing is EXACTLY what it is! NO other way to put it. That policy is there for shoes that have poor workmanship, or are the wrong size, or are flawed in some way. Not because you who wore them out through normal wear and tear!

:roll The ways that people try to take advantage of others just AMAZES me! :roll
to anonymous #747872

And yes...payless IS retail!

to anonymous #809548

Hmm I wonder why corporate payless would write in a policy that their employees would consider stealing.... Also I'm sure that payless is smart enough already to know that people are beating it's system and if it has really effected revenue, there are no laws that say a multinational corporation cannot change policy.

So thank you Mr.Anonymous. Though it is nice to see some people are still passionate about things, it would be nice if people like you Anonymous would not throw around insults because at that point it just makes you seem foolish and immature.

to My Name Is Nobody #843128

Hey Nobody,

I didn't see where Anonymous was throwing around the insults, but rather replying to those saying things like "STFU". THAT is what looks foolish and immature in MY book!

Anonymous was trying to explain that the policy is NOT written up for people to use the store as their own personal "shoe exchange" program, but rather for shoes that have a problem and need to be exchanged because of a problem. Just think, if we ALL took our old worn out shoes back and exchanged them without ever making a new sale, just how long would Payless remain a multinational corporation? And yes, they COULD and SHOULD change this policy, but chances are this corporation doesn't realize that this is a problem since they are out of touch with what actually goes on at the sales level. This is just one example of MANY that needs changed at Payless.

Which is why you can go in to any Payless and find that whoever is working today is NOT working tomorrow. Not because they are fired, but because they get completely fed up with ridiculous corporate strategies like this one.


I bought both of my sons a pair of shoes from Payless for school and about a moth later the shoes are falling apart. I'm taking them to the same store I bought them at so they can keep them. POS shoes that cost me $40 per pair.


To all these "payless employees"stfu...payless doesn't care about you and it's not your money.That company robs and steals everyday..return those cheap shoes if you want..and if any employee gives you a hard time call corp.,that way ya'll have free shoes and ya'll get a gift card if you complain:D

to melissa #741637

um yeah, that's a disgusting attitude. goes right along with the attitude of the majority of this country though doesn't it.

take take take... take enough away from that particular store and they'll just shut it down putting people out of jobs. it's one thing to return something because of comfort or poor workmanship, but your attitude...

i doubt you've ever worked hard a day in your life. you should stfu..


can i just say "shame on you, you cheap piece of stinking feet"

when i used to work at payless i would HATE it when someone would do something like that. its company policy if the shoes are manufactured wrong or there is a comfort issue, but to use them and then 20 wears later "get a new pair", taking advantage of a company is WRONG, i don't care what you use to excuse yourself, that is WRONG, and i hope you don't pass these kind of "value/methods" to others because YOU are making this world a worst place


I work for payless and I can tell you this missy...its a sad day when you can't afford a pair of shoes after wearing them several times.. It's also the same as theft.. Good intentions by a company who is trying to stand behind they're product for real consumers..


I work for payless and all I can say, that is just plain out disgusting.. same as stealing in my opinion.. Keep doing that and there won't be a business to take advantage of ..

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