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So looking for a new job in a new city I come across Now Hiring at Payless.As I begin my application the page inquiries what language ?

I, as a person who speaks 3 languages, am looking for Korean as an option. I was simply curious and I am disturbed to find the option for Mexican! I am not one to be easily offended but come on! !

That is the most disrespectful job application I've encountered! outrageous! !! I demand that to be ***!

We are in the twenty first century !

I feel hurt and i will no longer shop or recommend this place.Whether Hispanics do or don't work there it does not give them the permission for such insults!!!

Review about: Payless Shoesource Website.

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Oh my some people are just so ***! Get over it!


Hong Kong and Netherlands are not languages either.Perhaps you were on the screen that asks you where you would like to apply, not your language.

What a ridiculous thing to be offended over.Grow up.

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