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I bought a pair of shoes for my daughter.She wore the shoes within 3 month, and she only wear indoor inside her classroom,I bought this shoes in Scarborough Ontario, the sole part and the top part got apart because the bad quality glue. I never had this experience for my daughter when she wear the other brand name shoes like "Nike" or "ECCO"or "Reebok",their glue never open, especially the "Ecco" boot,

she wear it for two winter, it is still looks like brand new, only because it is too small for her, I gave it to my friend. please look at the attached picture for this horrible shoes.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of quality and worst product. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of airwalk shoes and associated monetary loss in the amount of $25. Payless Shoesource needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Scarborough, Ontario, Canada #1237475

Honestly you Indians are so deceiving and greedy. Like do you really not have anything better to do?

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #994782

These shoes do not look brand new. They look nearly worn out from constant wear, and not just inside in a classroom. And, you can get some really good glue to "fix" them until you can afford another pair.


If you got your child the wrong size shoe, it can cause it to flip off their foot and can cause the shoe to fall apart. Children go through shoes very fast.

Parents normally have to get their children shoes 2-3 times a year because they are so hard of them and they grow so fast. Only get shoes 1/2 to a full size bigger to give them growing room.

Skippack, Pennsylvania, United States #946617

You can't exactly compare nike and other name brand shoes to payless shoes... Hence payless, the quality is completely different as price is as well.

They defiantly look dirty and torn apart for only wearing them in a class room... But on the good side payless offers happiness guarantee so you'll get a refund

to Anonymous #947112

Happiness is a full refund on the worn torn up shoes!


Pretty in pretty pink trainers

to getmykicks #947051

I submitted this 4 days ago and it just got posted today, 2/17/2014, LOL.


This is what happens when this site takes 24 hours to post a comment that is clearly not offensive or abusive at all. I posted several times wondering what was wrong while persons making abusive comments get posted right away.


Hope you get a full refund

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #943901

You should get a full refund, what a shame.


You deserve a full refund


I think you should get a full refund on them, they are clearly of poor quality.


3 months? There is a hole worn through the side over the ankle and they are extremely ragged. There is such a thing as normal wear and tear and this is not normal!


This is beyond normal wear and tear. This shoe has a hole worn through the fabric on the heel and it is ragged looking.

3 months, I don't think so and even if it is the term normal wear and year applies.

I am posting this as the other post I made seem to have been blocked by this site and was not abusive or harassing. I have been reporting others for harassing me and now this site is censoring me LOL.


I am fair and try not to be judgmental but something looks wrong here. The upper shoe is torn and ragged but the rubber on the sole looks pristine white as if cleaned.

This shoe has been through other than normal wear and tear or is just an old pair you would like to return after buying a new pair. sorry no sympathy here.

Caldwell, New Jersey, United States #943684

are you kidding? those shoes look like they've been through 3 action movies. you can possibly think there wouldn't be sole separation with that type of abuse?

to clyde45 #944018

Oh come on now, let her have her money back.

to 1skippy #1061076

Lets all wear shoes for 3 months and get our money back! Quit ripping off these businesses please

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