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I purchased a pair of "Montego Bay" Mule Sandals in the beginning of May, 2012. I wore the shoe four times. It is now the middle of July 2012, the complete bottom part of the left heel has come unglued. The shoe is not salvagable. I took the shoes back to where I purchased them only to be told that since I did not have a receipt, there was nothing to be done. This I could not believe. I logged on to the Payless Web Site where they list a guarantee. To paraphrase:, if a receipt is unavailable, a store credit will be issued. I paid $26.99 for the shoe, after pushing the buttons of their computer, the manager told me that I was only entitled to receive a $10 store credit. I asked her the original price of the shoe, that she didn't know. She said it was past ninty days. This I also disputed. Where did she get time frame?

I was not satisfited so I called the Corporate Offices of Payless Shoes Customer Service and spoke to "Oz". Agents are prohibited from giving their last name or telephone extention. Oz and the store manager, Marzana p., discussed the situation in my presense. Without further communication with Oz, i was told that the amount of my refund would be at the discretion of the store manager.

I mentioned The Guarantee and the Pledge on The Payless Shoes official Website. She kept mentioning a ninty day cut off period. I had not had the shoes for ninty days and even if I had, no such time limitations are in their official their statements regarding merchandise and/or their quaanntees.

I am writing to the Better Business Bureau, Payless Shoes Complaint/Legal Department(s), my local newspaper, and anyplace else I can think of to complain about this miscarriage of justice. I've been a customer for almost thirty years and will not tolerate such shoddy treatment.

This letter also serves as my guarantee that I will no longer do business with Payless or its affiliates. Payless shoes are pricey, poorly made, inflexible, and no longer address the diverse needs of a working class society.

Payless used to be a dependable shoe store. In an attempt to remain competitive Payless is destroying itself. Go to any mall, Payless is empty. We, the public, do not care to purchase bath beads, earrings and pajamas while shoe shopping.

I am a High School English Teacher in the City of Baltimore Maryland. I am going to make it my business to dissuade my students, co-workers, and anyone else i may chance upon, from shopping at Payless Shoe Stores.

I am attaching a picture of the shoes i purchased. Payless agreed to sent me a $10 gift card. I do not want a gift card, I want to be fairly reimbursed and/or compensated for my loss. I also want Payless to clarify its exchange/guarantee policies on its official Website and will enlist the help of the legal community to make sure this happens.

Money it too hard to come by and I have tired of giving my money away to business' that treat me with no respect once they have gotten my money.

Thank you for listening. America and beyond....speak out!!!!!

You can reach me a brentkim41@yahoo.com

Thanking you in advance.

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You know, it actually says on the website as well 'used shoes can not be returned'....


In retail if youreturn something without a receipt, unless they have a way of looking up the purchase, you get back the current price of the item whether its more or less than what you paid.


As a HS English teacher I would like to believe your spelling, grammar, and use of correct words would be much better than what is stated above. Also the beginning of May to the second week of July, sounds like 90 days to me?

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1355521

If Payless is pricey, I'd hate to see your clothes.


Well dear. Receipts are required or you'll get the bottom sales price return

Orange, California, United States #1237612

They did not lie to you.If you had given the receipt to a responsible adult in the first place you would have seen that you need the receipt, to prove you bought the shoes recently to make the return.

Check with an adult before making false accusations of false advertisement. Check the policy and even what the term means. You lost the receipt so accept full responsibility for your actions. This is not false advertising.

This is policy.Ask a parent for clarification and permission before making false accusations online because then they can get sued and they won't have money to spend on fun things.

to Kr1 Dallas, Texas, United States #1267262

She is a grown woman.I assume she would not need to give her receipt to an adult.

Nor would she need to ask a parent for clarification.Why would her parents get sued for her actions?

to Kr1 #1368851

Wow.B!tche$: She's a HS TEACHER !d!ot!!!

Not a high schooler. And for all you saying she's cheap: Teachers in America are paid way less then their counterparts all over the world which is a SHAME. Especially seeing as a lot they buy their own classes school supplies for YOUR KIDS TO USE AND LEARN. It is false advertising.

Even if it's not, YOU ARE the child that can't read and even more to think Payless would sue for slander because of a negative comment. This is American and there's something called freedom and she's allowed to have her opinion. That's so dumb for you to say, your whole comment made me a little dumber for reading it. However it is true that you get the sale price back in store credit if your don't have a receipt.

But they couldn't tell her the sale price for that shoe when she asked. Which basically says the employee made it up.

Payless should follow their policies and every store costumer service hotline uses the excuse "it's up to the managers digression" THATS FALSE ADVERTISING: THEY ADVERTISED A PAYLESS RETURN POLICY AND DONT FOLLOW IT.They should follow their OWN rules and NOT leave it up to jerks to make rules and prices up as they go when they feel like pulling it out their a$$.


Wow some of you are rude.Can we do without the name calling so says the one about being an adult, cause last time I checked, name calling is childish.

Look I'm getting ready to return a pair of shoes from this store for they hurt my feet greatly. I did try them on and walked about for about 5 minutes in the store, but after a 10 hour shift, nope. I understand they have to claim them out. I work in retail as well and I kept my receipt cause again I work in retail, so having one does help.

I never returned a pair of shoes in my life.

I just came here to see what I might face.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #1237614

No one is being childish, they are just simply telling the truth.Did you know that in another review she gave a student detention because she told them not to shop at payless shoes and they shopped there?

How is that for mature behavior? You should not have any issue returning your shoes because you did the adult thing and kept the receipt. The sad thing about the OP is she is a teacher a role model.

She is supposed to teach her students to take responsibility for their actions but fails to do so herself.She acts much younger than the students she teaches because by the time someone enters high school they should know when to accept the consequences of their actions which she has yet to master.

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