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I worked for Payless for 2 1/2 years- and it got worse and worse each year. They do NOTHING about people stealing-we had repeat customers steal weekly and we could do nothing about it.

We were paid horribly and benefits were too expensive to even think about. Not only that, but they screwed up my W2 after I left and were extremely rude when I called the customer service line to see what to do about it.

People are expected to work in the store with minimal staff and too many tasks and are way too forceful with "suggesting" to the customer. Don't ever even apply for this minimum wage job with a crappy company that does not care about its employees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Payless Shoesource Customer Care.

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Payless is fake I got fired for doing a refund but the manager didn't get fired for calling me nxxxx


Why don't they have a prevention system in place so people can't steal shoes... it seems pretty easy


I feel your pain I'm an assistant manager and just resigned from my position the pay is biweekly and I'm very glad to have left due to the company being an absolute piece of garbage that's best to be left bankrupt then have it exist


You hit the nail on the head with this one. I have worked there for years now and everything you have stated is 100% accurate.

to Anonymous #1122345

So quit then.

to Anonymous #1122356

I presume with advice like that, you plan on paying their bills till they find something else.

to Anonymous #1417643

I quit after almost 10 years, the company and so DM only care bout making money and not bout there workers. I was a key holder but gave keys back 2 years before I quit.

The store I worked st closed down few months later after I left. But I had another job as well working at Payless.


Please does any one know what payless does with their old stock,like the companies that buy them off

to Anonymous #1017384

I worked for payless for about a year, they penny out the old stock , they don't allow other companies to buy old stock.

to Anonymous #1023294

I was a manager at Payless and worked there for about 8 years and when I started there I opted in for a share of the Payless Stock. I left the company in 2004 when I moved to Louisiana with my now husband and our kids.

I've wondered the same thing as you... What of the stock i had/have a share in. I believe that even if you are no longer with a company you have a share in, it would still be your share for life but I can't really find a clear answer on it anywhere. questions like, "Because I'm no longer with the company, is the stock share I paid into still my share?" "What if I choose to no longer want the stock share.

Can I sell my share? and if so, to whom?" Same goes for my 401K Every few years i wanna say I get something in the mail showing my whats in my 401K but I am not sure what to do with it. Maybe calling the Topeka KS office may help..

I don't know.. Anyone know???

to Anonymous #1417647

I had my 401k roll over to my other job I had, but they will tax you and penalize you but at least it’s at your other job. You might want to call the Corporate office.


I was already working for payless 2001-2011. Since we movin in Ontario, I have found a new job but not having enough time to go I decided to wear my RESUME to the local store.

A Weeks after you pass the survey (30-40 min), I still do not have a new ... In communicating with the manager she told me that the result of the survey did not qualify me .... WTF ...

I have 10 yrs experience with Payless Seriously ... they should make some corrections to their software .....

to Anonymous #978511

I have a hard time believing this is a real employee. The grammar and spelling seem fake they are so bad.

None of the sentences make sense.



wow that's really sad to hear that you couldn't handle your jobits called a job when you apply looking to your company no just hire on with expectation that you could do anything you want yeah they require conversion upt and dot is very easy if you're smart

to Anonymous #965471

You have no control over conversion you can't force people to buy something sure you can suggest but it's up to the customers if they want to buy something

Branson, Missouri, United States #927474

im so glad to find out I'm not the only one that payless screwed over. i was an assistant manager their and it was the worst job ever


I worked at Payless for a year. I finally left after the district manager told me in a staff meeting..." He knows that we are over work and under paid, but they needs their bonus.

His wife gets a bonus and she doesn't work for the company". I also had an incident where I had to press charges on a customer who was sexually harassing, indecent exposing, UTI, and assaulting me. While this was going on the store manager nor the mall security could be contacted. Finally another store which had been robbed by the same individual called the police.

I needed to take a couple of days off following the incident. When I had to go to court no one from Payless cared. Note: this happened at work. Payless is a crappy company to work for.

The minimal wage they pay is not worth the BS that one has to deal with. Many nights they require staff to work alone.

They have a habit of calling staff out when goals are not met. I have since left Payless and have no interest to return!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #775654

i worked at payless for many yrs in ontario canada and it truly is the worst place someone could ever chose to work. i was an employee a key and finally manager.

they basically slave drive you and treat you like total *** no matter what position. the money they pay is a joke for the work your expected to do. and the pressure they put on you with threats attached to everything if you dont achieve this percentage or quota you will be written up blah blah blah take it easy people we are consumers to and we know how cuatomers feel in a store and so should everyone . noone likes to be hounded and trying to be forced into giving info or trying to sell something else if they want something else theyll freakin get it its okay to point out sale items like we have purses and socks on sale not sure of you had a chance to look if they say no then lets all move on with our life.

like really.

you pay me *** so your gonna get *** workers in return that wont go above and beyond why the *** would they to get promoted and still get *** money. anyway payless is traumatizing and if you wanna be over worked and under paid and treated like *** if god for bid you dont get a customers email then go right ahead and apply youll soon regret it anyway and either quit cause you hate it or get fired because your not slave enough for them


Payless is full of BS first they treat their employee like they are nothing. People did you know that if you don't give your information for the so call rewards.

That its count against that employee. If you return anything its held against that employee.

The sale they have aren't really sales. They make you the customer feel like that is a deal when its not.


I worked for payless for less than 10 months. In that time I watch people come and go.

The company wants a lot for a JOB that pays less than $10 hr. The customers are rude and disrespectful. I have never seem people act the way they do in that county. People believe that they are more in titled because they themselves would never work for this company.

Most of the people believe that the employee are of low education, low self-esteem, and are people that didn't deserve respect.

What is most disappointing is the company doesn't care about the employee only the money they bring in (fact) if you don't keep your personal numbers up. They will rid of you.

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