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I bought some shoes from payless.com on December 2nd. I chose to ship to store as to not pay extra for the shipping which would make the pair of shoes I was getting on sale, the regular price. I've been waiting and waiting to hear that they were shipped, I thought maybe they don't tell you when they ship since it's going to the store. So I emailed customer service saying in the email I know it will take 14-17 days but is there some way to know where my shoes are. They replied that it will take 14-17 days and I will get a call from the store once they arrive. Real helpful.

Today I received an email saying they shipped. It's the 15th. So now I have to wait another 2 weeks at least before I get the shoes. I have no idea if it always takes a full month to get shoes, but this is ridiculous. I didn't even want to get them online but every payless store that I went to, no longer had them. Had I known that it would take this long to get them then I wouldn't have even bothered. These are shoes that I needed for work.

Needless to say, I'm very upset and I suggest that if you're going to buy from payless online to just have it shipped to your house. I would think they'd move a little quicker if it's going to your house.

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We cant track your order if you order it from your own computer. We dont live with you.

Call corporate, they can track it. Or track it by the order number you are given. We only receive special orders on our shipment trucks. So only twice a week.

And the 14-17 days for shipping, os 14-17 BUSINESS days which is clearly stated on the website.

Ypu can ship to your house. But if you need to return them in the store, you are NOT reimbursed for the amount you paid for shipping to your house.


:( I have a better one, I went to the Payless shoes store lacated on the Kings Plaza Mall today, and I did not buy anything! Because the shoe sellr called "***" and then the cashier yelld my daughter to "shout your mouth, please".

Nice ah?

I hope the company could close this store! I not going to buy there any more!!!


When you order online at Payless they count days as business days.


Good luck. I feel the same way, except i purchased my shoes Nov.

26 and still have not received them. i got an email December 6th, saying they've been shipped. my credit card was charged and now it's over 20 days later and still nothing! The worst part is when i call the store they have no way to tell you when your shoes will arrive or even where they are!

I don't understand how they can't track a shipment?! Ridiculous! They should be up front and tell you it will take all season to get your shipment, not 14-17 days. I'm going on six weeks!

I'm not even going to need boots when they finally arrive!

I would just cancel my order but the two pairs of shoes i ordered are no longer available online or in store. I'm just hoping they come eventually and payless isn't just stringing me along.

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