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I went into a payless store located in Fayetteville GA.to purchase a specfic style shoe. The service clerk was very helpful in helping me find what I needed.

She was very pleasant and knowledgable of different styles of the shoe to fit my needs. This purchase was a BOGO purchase. However the particular shoe was the only one in stock in the store in my size. The clerk proceeded to explain how the ad works and offered to locate my shoe at another location.

She called several store until she located the shoe. I was told to take my reciept to the location (South Lake Mall Jonesboro GA) and my second pair would be discounted. She informed me that it would not be for greentag everyday items. I went into the store on promised day and was denied the purchase.

The clerk said she could only honor the BOGO if both purchases were from that store.

I left the store without my shoes and very dissappointed.

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The associate, at Fayetteville, was correct. BOGO works like this, you purchase one item at full price and get the second item, of equal or lesser value, for half off.

Items can be anything that does not have an Incredible Value Everyday green tag, shoes, handbags, socks, jewelry you mix and/or match however you like.

As for taking your receipt from one store to another, as long as that particular BOGO promotion is going, you most assuredly can. The associate at South Lake Mall should have taken the receipt, returned the item purchased at the first store then sold that item back to you and then rung up the second item for half off.

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