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Last night I purchased 3 pair of shoes from Payless shoe with my bank debit card, mind you this is same as cash. I wore one pair today and before I made it to my office they had rubbed the skin off the top of my feet.

So at lunch I took 2 pair to the same location and asked for a refund. She asked for my card and I said I'd prefer cash, not wanting a delay in my refund. She said that was against company policy and she had to put it back on my card. Hours later I checked my account.

. . still no refund.

Is it even legal for payless to refuse to refund in cash when I used a cash equivalent? We may have a big case and big loss for Payless and their outrageous refund policy!!

Reason of review: Refund policy, bad quality, painful feet.

Preferred solution: New refund policy. If I pay with my bank debit card I should get a cash refund, its sure as *** already came out of my bank balance. I can't even go somewhere else to purchase shoes now until you all finally decide to refund my cash bank account..

I didn't like: Debit card refund policy is outrageous.

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I totally agree. Purchased with my debit card over 10 days and no refund on my debit card yet.

This is totally ridiculous. Payless Shoes will not get my business ever again. If I don't have my refund by the end of the week back into my account I will be calling the local news station.

And the employees have have the nerve to have an attitude. Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, this is actually the law in many states. It has to be refunded in the same tender in which you paid.

Although a debit card may seem like cash, as they come from the same account, you did not pay with cash...

therefore you can’t get cash back. Not really rocket science here, folks.

to Lauren #1597849

Whenever I return an item purchased with a debit card, I always get cash back.


Because payless shoes, along with any other retailer, does not have control of the bank processing that takes place when issuing a refund. From their account back to yours.

Most places will float out tell you, including the bank, it takes 5-7 business days. If you enter a pin number when using your debit card, then some companies (at their discretion) will issue the refund in cash. If you did not enter your pin, the card was ran as credit (yes, even though it's a debit card) because it's a "visa/Mastercard check card". If you're upset with not getting your refund as fast as you'd like it, contact YOUR bank and ask them for clarification.

Otherwise use cash. As frustrating as it may be, it's not unusual in the slightest.

to Ms Diana #1618322

I returned items to family dollar same day refund on my debit card. If they have the ability to immediately withdraw, they also have the ability to refund.

Also, Payless should inform the customer it could be such a long process.

I returned the wrong size shoes for children to get them at another store but could not due to no refund. So kids now are without shoes.


It’s actually your bank, and not the store where you’re getting a refund that determines the length of time it takes to receive the refund. Most banks are 24-48 hours before your refund shows.


Did you ever receive your refund?


Yes it is legal since you use your credit card. The money will be back to your credit card. Many stores do the same.

to Khaled #1387033

It wasn't a CREDIT CARD. It was a debit card. Which means that the second they swipe that card the money automatically comes out of your bank account and it is into theirs.

to Jruss #1596883

... but it’s still not the same thing as using cash. Cash and debit card are not the same tender.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1184939

Debit and cash is not the same form of payment

to Anonymous #1387035

Pretty much. Since the cash comes out of your account the second you swipe that card.

Ex:1- shoes cost 29.99 you have 30.00 in your account. Clerk swipes your card hands you receipt. Ex:2- your bank account now has a balance of $0.01. Did we give them cash?

No. Bit they sure as *** got my money huh?!


Actually most if not all retail establishments will offer a refund in the same way that the purchase was made. It is not illegal and cash is not the same as debit. You paid debit not cash


Day 3 after return. Still no refund in my bank account! Will never shop payless again.

to Anonymous #1366352

this complaint is almost comical. I'm betting you didn't even enter in your pin.

It takes 3-5 business days for a credit transaction to be returned to a card. I see you were quiet after the 3rd day. you're not entitled to any quicker of a refund than millions of other people get, in any retail establishment. Soon you won't be shopping anywhere when you find out 95% of stores are the same with credit cards.

Debit isn't the same as cash because you didn't give the cashier cash you gave her your card.

I can't believe someone thinks a case could be created from this. one of those.

to Anonymous #1384986

I completely agree. This person must be broke and in dire need of money.

Everyone knows it takes 3-5 business days to come back to your card.

This customer needs to relax and stop complaining about nothing. You'll have the same issue anywhere else.

to Anonymous #1407119

Not broke, I should just get MY money back as fast as they took it. Why do you fools not get that!?!

to Anonymous #1414869

Actually I have to disagree, I have used my debit card before with other stores and when I did a refund it was immediately back onto my card. It’s different when you choose debit from credit.

You’re saying the costumer needs to relax and is broke but in reality the customer just wants his/her money back when they purchased the shoes as debit the amount automatically came out of the account so it should be put back in the same way when receiving a refund. This is the first time I’ve seen a debit card refund not automatically go back onto the card, I would call the company and I’m pretty sure it would be on there in minutes.

to Anonymous #1407118

I agree with the complaint since I have experienced that as well.

They received my money instantly but I have to wait 3-5 days to get my refund back. There's NOTHING comical about that!!!

Springfield, Missouri, United States #1169847

Day 2 after return. Still no refund in my bank account!!!!!

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