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Since I am unable to drive right now, I have been shopping online a lot. When visiting all the variable websites, I have found that is the worse. In the few minutes I have been shopping, the website has asked for my email so that I may receive notices or coupons, whatever. It gives you no choices like "No, thanks or Remind Me Later." All you can do is close the aggravating window and go back to shopping. It pops up every time you try to look at something new. I filled it in TWICE in hopes that would stop it. It did not!!! ... Read more

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Hi i purchased a shoe in payless trinidad an the shoes srted to rip from the front but its not even a month yet an i didnt hve the bill cause was'nt experting that cause most of his school shoes came from thier an they are tellin me thiers nothin cld be dne about it cld u help me plz Add comment

I arrived at your store in Chicago and I encountered the most rudest foulest person I have ever met. His name was Al Bundy and he had smelly feet. That can be overlooked, but not his rude behavior. I was trying on shoes when he told his co worker Griff there was a blimp in the store. Now I am overweight and he was pointing at me. I told him that he was bring rude and that was uncalled for. He said he is already ruined, and I cannot ruin his life even more. His life is horrible. His wife just sits on the couch all day eating bomboms. ... Read more

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I wanted to buy a pair of flats and price tag on the box showed 21.99$. At check out, cashier told me it was 32.99$, told her the box says 21.99$, showed her the empty box I got it from, she treated me if I was lying and didn't believe me, found another pair of same shoes with different color and on the box it was written 27.99$?!?! She didn't even apologize, no empathy and wanted to charge me for 32.99 and when I said this is unacceptable, she was like oh, ok, it's going to be 27.99 then. Those shoes were the most comfortable I found that... Read more

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Made a mistake sorry it was not Payless I stand to be corrected it was shoe show a stranger pouted out that my shoe was coming apart , but Payless need more friendly sales associates in there locations Add comment

I am really upset I wore these shoes twice before a stranger commented on them coming apart would like a replacement pair Add comment

Just made a purchase ask employee about 20% coupon and she act like she didn't know anything so the other lady I can use on next visit then they started talking in spanish as I walked out I turned and was able to read llady lips I requested a full refund, so inappropriate to discuss your customers in this manner I will never step a foot into payless again. $50 dollars I can spend somewhere else. Add comment

As an employee in lloydminster alberta i am disappointed by the management of this store. She is rude and very unprofessional. She has gone through employees like crazy and no one looks into the complaints. I have given my notice at the store as i refuse to be treated like i am beneath her for one more second. The manager has her favorites and has told me that she doesnt expect them to do anything that the other employees do. Its unfair and rediculous. Why pay an employee that doesn't work. I'm so done with this company. Not just management... Read more

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This company sucks! Whatever is it that you're reading online its true! They don't know what they're doing..they don't understand what CUSTOMER CARE is all about and don't understand their job! Pooooooorest and worst service ever! They will respond to your email but everything is in their favor and will stick in their PAYLESS POLICIES no matter how *** they will sound coz they cannot address their customers complaint!!!!!!!! Read more

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My son went to exchange a pair of shoes je purchased 2 months ago. The person in the store told he he would need a receipt as we didn't expect the shoes to literally come apart a the seams we did not keep it :( I was very confused by the product issue not being corrected so i contacted the customer issue line sadly I didn't get the lady's name. She was amazing took care of the issue via phone we exchanged the shoes and she saved a customer Thank you lady in C S for letting me rant and being professional the entire time. Read more

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